Our Journey's Blog
Everyone has asked Maurice & I why we wanted to move to
Europe for a year.  Well, it started out sometime in 2002
when Maurice suggested to me that it would be a good
educational opportunity for the boys.  Additionally,  we were
receiving various inquiries from companies outside of the US
related to medical device repair.  As you can imagine, we
discussed it on and off - half the time I was thinking there is
no way in hell that Maurice could pick up, leave family,
friends & the daily operation of the business to travel!!

As you can imagine, once Maurice has an idea, it doesn't go
away easily.  We read day in and day out about folks that say
"I wish I would have..."  Everyone seems to want to put off
adventure until some later date or when the kids are grown
and have started lives of their own.  For us, we felt like "life is
for the living" and thought wouldn't it be great at some future
point to be sitting around with everyone and reminisce about
our year in Europe.  Additionally, we read and see how
technology is changing the world and how important it is that
we understand other people and cultures.  What better way
than to take the boys with us and experience it first hand.  
So, after we finished with Lauren's House, and felt the daily
operations of Total Scope were in capable hands, we finally
said "let's do it".
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